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6 Eye-opening Steps to choose Your Ideal Social Media platform in 2022 - DArtisians

6 Eye-opening Steps to choose Your Ideal Social Media platform in 2022

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It’s important to choose your ideal social media platform when you’re busy running your Art business. No matter how much you try, it’s difficult to find time to be active on every platform out there. There are a lot of platforms you can work on and a new one is coming every now and then.

How to decide which social media platform is ideal for you? And more importantly, how do you manage your social media platforms according to your convenience?

When you are into the creative business, you need a lot of time to focus on your craft. Most of the social media platforms are so “content-hungry” these days, that putting up with the algorithms is tough. If you are trying to manage 4-5 social media platforms, you are going to need professional help.

Now unless you have a bag full of money in your closet, you might want to sit down and analyze which social media platform is good for you. You need a strategy that would allow you to get the best return on your invested time.

You may choose between the most famous ones—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Linkedin for your social media Art journey. Each social media platform serves a different purpose. The trick of choosing the right one for your business is all about defining the goals you want to achieve through social media marketing, figuring out what platforms your target audience is on. Analyze which platform suits the type of content you create.

If you want your content to take off, or your business to see consistent month-over-month growth, you need to grow your potential followers on social media.

Here are the 6 steps to determine which social media platform is ideal to grow your followers and business:

1. Identify your audience and which Social Media Platform they use

The first step toward identifying your audience on social media is simply figuring out who you want to target. Which age group do they belong to? Is your content gender-specific? Does your content appeal to a certain geographical location or religion?

Ask these questions to yourself and you will get a better idea of what way to go for your social media journey.

Now that you know your target audience, analyze what social media platform your target audience is using. It’s not that hard really.

If you know your audience, chances are you already know some people around you that fit in the category; maybe you are one of your target audiences as well. So ask away or observe which social media platform they enjoy, what are they searching for, and how much time they invest in the social media platforms.

2. Research Your Competitors on each Social Media Platform 

Research all your top competitors—by competitors I mean the people who inspire you, people who are into the same kind of business as you are. It’s important to get insights into your competitor’s performance because you would be able to re-evaluate your plan of action.

Check their social media pages and see what type of content they are posting, and how many followers are engaging with that content. Once you conclude which social media platform is providing the greatest results, think about how you can perform and compete with that. 

3. Define your goals for your Social Media Journey

Now that you have identified your audience, and know your competitors, you need to start defining goals for your social media journey. If you want to gain more potential followers (customers) you need to reach out to your audience by providing good content on your social media platform. As a result, your account traffic will increase.

If you want to build up your Art business on social media, your primary goals should be as follows:

  • Try to be proactive in listening to and responding to your social media community. Be engaged with your followers, hold contests, or question-answer sessions for them to create your social media presence worth following. Take the time to reply when people mention you. 
  • Reaching out to new audiences and new demographics on your social media platform, that might be receptive to your content. Try to expose your business to new people. 
  • Learning about the needs, desires, and habits of your followers (customers).

4. Examine the type of content you create for your Social Media Platform

There are different types of content for each social media platform. So it’s important to examine the type of content you like to create and that works best with your niche. The type of content you create will depend on certain things, including your business, and your target audience.

Some common content types you may want to focus on are,
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Testimonials
  • User-generated content
  • Webinars and live streams
  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Digital art/Designing
  • Quotes

Consistently posting beautiful pictures, blogs, and video content isn’t enough to generate traffic on social media platforms that you can transfer into customers. Marketing goes beyond that. You need to create an amicable relationship with them.

You might want to add a variety of things to your content such as,

  • Shout out to other artists.
  • Upload small videos of your upcoming projects.
  • Share your previous artworks.
  • Support other artists to build a community.

5. How Much time you can afford to invest on Social Media platforms?

Here comes the golden question that all of us struggle with the most. How much time to invest on social media platforms? Honestly, it depends on the niche you are involved with and a lot more. Know this, if you are just starting out, social media marketing will take more time than intended.

Social media platforms can be overwhelming and you can even get sucked into the number game. But it will get better over time and you will be able to sort a certain amount of time for the platform of your choice without compromising.

Each social media platform takes a different amount of time to manage, and also you can schedule your posts in most of them. Find out the tricks and optimize your time.

6. Finally, Pair All these with the Right Social Media Platform

Once you’ve settled on the goals you want to achieve, identify your target audience and the type of content that works best for you, you need to research what platform will best meet your needs.

To help you decide, here’s a list of the social media platforms, and what are the perks of these platforms:

Face book  

Facebook reaches the most crowds and is the largest social media platform with the widest age demographic. It’s a great option for lead generation, advertising, and promoting your art business. If you’re setting up a potential following of clients and you need a way to keep in touch with them, this is a great platform for your business.  


Instagram is more popular among the young generation. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms today. As Instagram mostly relies on photos for communication, this platform works best for businesses like Art, Food, Fashion, Retail, and Beauty.  


One of the perks of youtube as a social media platform is that you don’t have to sign up to be a user to view content on YouTube. As a result, YouTube has become one of the biggest search engine platforms. Many of these searches are for “How To” videos. Hence, YouTube is a great platform for Art business. Art videos are very popular on YouTube. 


LinkedIn is a great social media platform for lead generation. This is an ideal platform for content marketing. It can help you establish your business as trustworthy in your field. The demographic on LinkedIn is also different than other platforms. People use LinkedIn to network professionally. 


Here the main game is about images. It is used for saving content by “pinning” photos to a virtual bulletin board. As Pinterest is a visual-based platform, you’ll need strong graphics to engage more traffic. It’s a graphics-heavy platform that lends itself to art, food, fashion, wedding, travel, DIY craft, and other businesses that can leverage topics that produce beautiful and stunning photographs.

If you have a website, Pinterest might be just the ticket for you to market. Bloggers are sworn by this social media platform as it generates the most traffic to your website/blog.

Remember, whatever social media platform you choose or whatever strategies you make all these will only be effective when supported by consistently posting fresh content. 


In this digital era, Social media is an essential tool for any business that wants to gain exposure online, as not only can it connect you with your potential customers, but it can also help you reach out to people all across the globe. Beyond that, a social media platform is also an excellent tool for finding new leads, generating more website traffic, getting to know your audience better. Choosing the ideal platform will not only help you to grow your audience but also help you to make your audience into potential customers for your art business. 

Hope this article helps you to choose the right social media platform for your Art business. What’s your biggest takeaway from this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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