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Every child is an Artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.

Pablo Picasso

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I like the content you share on your feed posts and stories. I also love how you support all levels of artists in your community. Totally seeking towards the website with a lot of support and good wishes. 👍
Wish you good health as well!
Swarnima Pandey
Swarnima Pandey@thedilettante
DArtisians is an appreciable gathering of artists and their beautiful artworks. This group intends to promote artists in every individual segment. They are authentic in their work. They share a positive vibe and a warm environment. DArtisians had always worked for the betterment of the budding artists with selflessness.
Hey, I Priyanshi Kumar an aspirant of fashion designer, is overwhelmed working with DArtisians. I wish to work with them as often in the future.
Priyanshi Kumar
Priyanshi Kumar@.l.i.l.i.u.m.
You guys are great… Have great content
Paramita Chakraborty
Paramita Chakraborty@akibuuki
You have been always supportive throughout my journey. Thank you! You have an amazing blog that helps to bring out the stories of hidden artists and help them grow.
Sakshi Gupta
Sakshi Gupta@nakshbysakshi
It was back in August 2020 when I was first time asked to share my work with Dartisians! I was one of their top 5 featured artists. I had just started painting back then and this was something huge for me! They kept on sharing my posts and promoting me without asking anything in return. And I’m glad that I could be a part of their family. It has always been a lovely experience and I’m sure we will get to work more in the coming days too!
Tiyasa Mukherjee
Tiyasa Mukherjee@kaaju_barfi
It was great connecting with Team Dartisians. They are doing a wonderful job for all upcoming artists and it’s not just about the feature but they bring out the entire story behind the work of a person. My experience was something like that too. I had an interview with them where they asked so many questions which was not just about my work but also the journey towards it.
It’s good to have platforms like these that encourage artists and small businesses and bring together all creative people under one roof.
Vasundhara Kayan
Vasundhara Kayan@doodleitup.in
Dartisians always comes up with creative ideas and unique style of content.they also provide a platform to people like me to showcase their talents..it was a wonderful experience to collaborate with Dartisians..
Sanchari Acharya
Sanchari Acharya@sanchari_illustrationart
DArtisians, the name says it all. I am well connected with them since the page had just started. They are providing an awesome platform to all kinds of artists. Also, exploring a new field like “Art Marketing” which is very challenging is one of the best moves. Wish you all the luck and wishes
Sanjana Dutta
Sanjana Dutta@sanjanaartsy
I had a great time working with Dartisians and they were one of the first people to acknowledge my work. I worked with them when I was starting out with digital painting and they did boost my spirit!
Debarati De
Debarati De@dee_doodler

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