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Social Media Marketing Company For Artists

Take Control of Your ART Career: looking for a Social Media Manager?

We are the best marketing agency for art business growth. DARTISIANS is a team of artists with years of experience in Digital Marketing Services and Social Media Marketing. We are dedicated to providing the right solutions and utilizing our expertise to boost your art career. We also create Blogs, YouTube videos, and feature Artists to provide them a platform to grow.

Our Latest Additions To Help You Grow

We are dedicated to sharing special inputs to help your art survive in this age of digital marketing. Learn about social media marketing tactics and more. Find us on YouTube!

Our blogs entertain, inform, and showcases talents. Get the right information and encouragement for your art and art career paths. 

Grab the spotlight you deserve! We feature artists who dream to put their footprint on digital platforms. Get featured and attract the right eyes for your art. 

Get Your Art Featured With Us!

Gallery Of Fame

Get your Art featured through DArtisians and grab the fame you deserve. A platform specially made for all artists! DArtisians Gallery of Fame is to be earned; not bought. We feature handpicked artists in the Gallery of Fame. if you think your art is worthy of fame, contact us. We are on the path of creating a platform that unites all artists and provides the right social media marketing services to help them grow with the least investment. Concentrate on polishing your art and let us worry about your art business. 

Custom Social Media Marketing Plan

Hire a social media manager that caters to your unique needs. Oftentimes, we get queries about why your Instagram page is not growing or, why a social media marketing agency couldn’t get you results. It’s not exactly the fault of the social media marketing companies. The problem lies in the understanding of the art career project and your art career path. There is a myriad of ways that you can grow your art business. It may be a small business or hobby today but can become your full-time career soon. 

If you are also among many, searching for a “social media manager near me”, let us fill in the gaps. You don’t necessarily need a social media marketing near you, but the one who understands your art style and customer persona. 


What Is A Social Media Manager?


Social media managers are responsible for developing strategies for a particular company, business, or individuals to increase followers with the right tools. They help you create a social media marketing calendar that brings the best results for you. A social media marketing agency will have dedicated social media marketing plans and managers, uniquely crafted for you. They will create and oversee all social campaigns, company interactions, review analytics, and craft content strategies on social media platforms. Social media marketing services build community online, using social media analytics, paid tools, and their experience. 

Importance Of Social Media Marketing?


Social media is the present and future of every business. Whether you are selling supplies and tools for artists or selling your art, there is no better to market your business than social media. However, with so many social platforms and the growing competition, it takes a professional marketer to pave the way to success. Putting up daily posts is not enough. Enters the social media marketing companies. 

Crafting the right marketing strategy on social media in art. With the right content, hashtags, and campaigns, you can grow any business and Art Career a thousand folds and more. Having said that, it is also to remember that the different kinds of businesses call for different social media platforms. For example, visual art careers like painting, handicrafts, dancing, makeup artists, food artists can especially benefit from Instagram social media marketing. It is the most affordable way for your branding and increases your client base. 

Why DARTISIANS Focuses On Instagram Social Media Marketing For Visual Artists?


Instagram has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. If you think your potential customer is not on Instagram, think again! They may not purchase from Instagram but definitely are spending a significant amount of time scrolling through the medium. Therefore, it is the best way for your branding. It is a highly visual platform and if your art can be presented in the right light, you can benefit in multiple ways. 

Is Instagram Marketing Enough For Your Art Business?


No. Establishing a successful business would need much more than effective Instagram social media marketing. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn work the best to generate leads and branding for your business. What you do with that much attention is the main part of your business. 

If you are selling a product, find the right platform such as Amazon, Etsy, etc. If you are selling a service, having a website becomes very important. Remember, social media marketing services help you grow your art business by creating a brand for you, helping in better sales passively. We as a social media marketing company can guide you on how to navigate your business and grow up to your potential. We will create a social media marketing calendar that tells your story to your potential customers, strategize campaigns, analyze the insights with social media marketing tools. 

Being artists ourselves, we understand the dreams of an artist and the pain of not getting enough attention to their art. That is why we are trying our best to guide you through your art career paths, providing the right solutions and advice. 

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing:


  • Better Branding Opportunities
  • Affordable Advertisement
  • Better Chances Of Growing A Niche Community
  • Direct Communication With The Buyers
  • The Right Storytelling Can Make Your Art Career
  • Helps You Compete With The Giant Competitors
  • Drive Traffic Towards Your Shop

DArtisians is a team of social media marketing experts with the souls of artists, providing small business social media marketing services and helping to grow your art career. 

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Make The Most Of Dartisians Social Media Plans For Businesses!


We consider your art as a potential business and craft the most efficient artist marketing plan for you. We value artists and the power of art to reshape the world for the better. Dartisians creates unique social media marketing proposals, upon understanding your requirements, goals, and budget. Pave your career path with our social media marketing tactics and social media plans!